Irelands First Drive -thru Vaccination Clinic.

About The Flu Vaccine.

 This year, the seasonal flu vaccine protects against the 4 strains of flu virus recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the strains most likely to be circulating this season.

The flu viruses that are circulating change every year. This is why you need to get a new vaccine each year.

You should get your flu vaccination from early October to be protected for flu season. 

For more information on the Flu Vaccine, check out:

Health Service Executive

Center For Disease Control & Prevention

Who We Are.

 We are a collective of GPs from around Midleton that have pooled our resources to bring the most timely and safe care to the people of East Cork and beyond.

With the help of the Defence Forces -who are erecting our Tent- we will have a 6 week campaign of immunisation.

We offer this service to give you the best chance at staying healthy this Winter by delivering the Flu Vaccine in a safe, efficient and accessible way for as many people as possible.

By giving the flu vaccine in a dedicated out-of-hours setting in this manner we can:

1. Deliver a high volume of vaccines to the population.

2. Keep our daytime practices free for acute/chronic care.

3. Keep our population / patients / staff and HCWs safe by reducing contact time and proximity.

4. Minimise disruption / inconvenice to people by having a rapid service.


This year, it is more important than ever that we take every precaution necessary to ensure the good health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. Getting the flu vaccination is an easy and accessible way to reduce your risk of becoming ill this Winter.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for the Drive-In Flu Vaccination?

This service is completely free for peopleat risk. 

How many appointments should I make?

You should make 1 Appointment.

Each appointment slot is sufficient for 1 to  6 people. 

As you book your appointment, our online appointment scheduler will enquire about the numbers in your group as well as each individuals details (Name, Date of Birth, PPSN , GP etc.)

Details will be sent to your GP for your Medical Health Record.

Where is the Flu Vaccination Clinic?

The Clinic will take place within the Market Green Shopping Centre Car Park (Unpaved Car Park Adjacent to Co-Op) in Midleton, Co. Cork. 

It is a Drive-thru Clinic and is easily accessible by car. There is also a walk-in facility at the clinic at the same location but you MUST have a booking.

What is the difference between an adult vaccination and a child vaccination?

ALL Children from 2-12 years old are eligible for the Flu Vaccine. This will be administered via nasal spray and will be available from October 2020 onward.

Adult patients that fall into the at risk groups or their adult contacts will receive the flu vaccination via injection.